Automotive Aluminium

In process of Automobile light weighting, aluminum alloy material will play its natural advantages, which will be applied to update and replace the body material. Jingmei Aluminum Co., Ltd. actively develop automotive aluminum extrusion materials, hot-rolled sheet, and provide supporting related products for the well-known enterprises as water tank with micro-channel flat tube, AL-AL composite head, sunroof rail, curtain box, forging and car parts of the hard alloy aluminum tube, bar and so on.

Our main aluminum alloy are: 3003,6061,6063,6082, W620,2014,2017,2024,7075,7NX5, 7050 and so on.

Special products: 7NX5 is the material which my company apply mostly to replace other aluminum products for its excellent performance, good oxidation, fatigue performance is higher than 6061 or so, and has been used in anti-collision beam, luggage racks and so on.

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